How It Ends - CD

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how it ends.jpg

How It Ends - CD


Back by popular demand! The band's breakout album. Much of it is featured in the indie hit movie, Little Miss Sunshine. This is DeVotchKa’s fourth studio album and was released in 2004. Contains the hit songs "How it Ends", "The Enemy Guns", and "You Love Me".
Label: Cicero Recordings

Released: 2004

1. You Love Me
2. The Enemy Guns
3. No One Is Watching
4. Twenty-six Temptations
5. How It Ends
6. Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny Of…)
7. We’re Leaving
8. Dearly Departed
9. Such a Lovely Thing
10. Too Tired
11. Viens Avec Moi
12. This Place Is Haunted
13. Lunnaya Pogonka
14. Reprise

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