This Night Falls Forever - Vinyl


This Night Falls Forever - Vinyl


The genre-defying ensemble DeVotchKa announce their return with This Night Falls Forever, their 2018 album release out on Concord Records.

After scoring films, TV, musicals, ballets, and performing with symphony orchestras, DeVotchKa emerge from the studio with their sixth full-length album, featuring 10 songs that defy categorization. These songs straddle the line between the epic and the intimate.

DeVotchKa have garnered much praise and attention for blurring the lines of genre and cultural influence, and with this release we can clearly see they have slowly carved their own unique space in the modern musical landscape.

Track Listing:

  1. Straight Shot

  2. Let Me Sleep

  3. Lose You In the Crowd

  4. Love Letters

  5. Empty Vessels

  6. Done With Those Days

  7. My Little Despot

  8. Break Up Song

  9. Angels

  10. Second Chance

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